Saturday, March 1, 2014

Impact of Educator Evaluation Legislation - Kyle Mayer, OAISD Asst. Superintendent for Instruction

What is the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness?

Following the passage of significant performance evaluation legislation, the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness was appointed by Governor Snyder to research and develop a fair, transparent, and feasible evaluation system for teachers and school administrators. The recommended system would be based on rigorous standards of professional practice and of measurement. The goals of this system would be to contribute to enhanced instruction, improve student achievement, and support ongoing professional learning.



Unpacking the Final MCEE Report

Legal Perspective on Educator Evaluation - Barb Ruga

Student Growth Measures

Selecting Assessments

Selecting Growth Measures

Measuring Student Growth:  How Possible is it Really?

Evolution of Reforms

Timeline of Teacher Evaluation Changes


With the passage of a substantial set of legislative reforms in 2010 and 2011,the Michigan Legislature enacted a requirement that Michigan schools implement enhanced performance evaluation systems.  Further, they required that schools use this system, at a minimum, to inform decisions regarding teacher effectiveness, promotion, retention, professional development and tenure. This blog is intended to be a repository of documents, presentations, interviews and videos that will help to explain both the legislative intent and impact on teachers and administrators in Michigan schools.

What is PERA?

PERA is Michigan’s version of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). PERA sets basic ground rules that require negotiation of specific labor related matters such as salaries and benefits, but it also excludes certain things from the negotiation process. Disputes that arise based on PERA provisions are governed by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC). MERC decisions may be appealed in court; generally MERC decisions are based on National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) precedents.